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Sunday, February 21, 2010

superleng's mission | 2

sabar leng..sabar..tahan........go leng!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

superleng's mission

  1. save herself
  2. give motivation to herself
  3. build up new her (nice one)

superleng chantek
superleng riang
superleng bergembira

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


about 1.30 am just now i got a call from my friend,kymm
"melin,umie eika had passed away a few mins ago"

*to the readers
appreciate our beloved ones..especially our parents not your gf or bf oke..else you will regret..

*to me
umie n abah : insyaAllah elin akn try jd yg lbeh baek..xmau susahkan umie ngan abah lg..i love you both!

**to eika
eika,ak hrp mg bleh syg umie,tp Allah s.w.t lg syg kat umie mg.ak harap mg bleh kna  kuat ntok abah abah mg,adik2 mg,family mg..doa ak mengiringi pemergian umie..

**to allayarhamah umie
insyaAllah lin akn slalu doakn kbahagiaan umie disana..semoga Allah s.w.t mencucuri rahmat ke atas umie..
al-Fatihah ntok umie..


Monday, February 8, 2010

..pak cik lab..

monday come again meaning that at 2 p.m i got my chemistry lab..
i got there a little early..
and when i looked into my new purple file..
"tgal manual lab plop doh!"
but its not a big deal when my labmate,putri
*thanx a lot to you dear
generously share her manual with me
everything going on smoothly till
my experiments need to use 500ml beaker
i looked for it in my locker
then the beaker has a quite large wrack
then me+bono pegi la dpan nk mtak beaker baru

(^_^) : pak cik,nk 500 ml beaker bleh?
("=") : awk punye kat mane?
(^_^): mine xde dlm loker
(^_^): saye punye pecah..bkn pecah tp retak siket..
("=") : hah..mcm mane la bleh xde..kan dah bg sorang satu..xde pecah2,retak2..bkn nk jage elok2..

then me +bono kna isi borang ntok ambek beaker baru..

("=") : org bagi barang tu jage la x retak sane,pecah sni
(^_^): bkn saye la
("=") : habes sape lg?
(^_^): ftnah la lg..dosa!

** (^_^) sepet + (^_^)bono + ("=") pak cik lab

then ak tros blah..
im so pissed off oke
dah la tensen ngan student last week yg x basoh beaker..
letih basoh semua tawu x...??
alhamdulillah..even i got a little bit of difficulties during my exp today
but i still finished it before 3.30 pm
experiment jadi..and hatiku gumbira..
tp pkol 4 br bleh balek..

next week is CNY

Thursday, February 4, 2010

hey YOU!

yaah..YOU!dont look to someone else..
im talking to YOU!
think YOU're great huh?
making my life upside down like now..
i dont really care if its just me that YOU're making miserable..
but YOU did dis to everybody here..
have a pity on us plis..
i need my shower,to boil the water,take my prayer n else..
YOU,my dear WATER!
plis come back to us asap oke?!
need YOU in my life more than i need him back..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i'm trying so hard oke!
give me more time
i'll be fine first blog ..!
and i used "rojak"..
dont like it..??
tayah nk byk cite..
those who want to follow..