pesakit - pesakit budiman :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

ewah, sopan sungguh anak Pak Latif ni kan bagi salam. Lately, aku macam lebih banyak menggunakan kalimah-kalimah ni. Instead of 'yayy, omg', better kite sebut Alhamduulillah, ya Allah, inshaAllah kan? kan? tapi ramai pulak tegur aku ni dah bertaubat ke. ade ke patut? macam la aku ni dok buat benda-benda haram kan. Nauzubillah mintak jauh. peduli je lah orang kate ape, lagipun benda baik kan :)

Dah menyimpang dari tajuk. two=dua. kenape dengan dua? erm, dua mata dua telinga dua tangan dua kaki. tak boleh satu ye, satu tak lengkap. tepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi. kena dua jugak. it takes two to tango. banyak pulak merepek pasal no dua ni kan. takpelah, laen kali aku cerita. hihi

*mungkin sebab dua hari lagi nak balik Sg Petani. tapi tu bukan cerita sebenar. laen kali aku cerita, lain kali okay? Tata.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


they are guys that having fun by playing pretty girl's heart
they think pretty girls dont have a heart and feeling
well, hope all of you are having fun
cause the girl does!

Jangan disentuh seseorang wanita walaupun hatinya - imam As-Syafi'e

Friday, December 16, 2011


it's raining non stop. it's cold and i really want to be in my thick and warm blanket all the time.
home feel empty because my one of my nephew goes back to Johor.

if you want to leave me, leave me in the rain. so I wouldn't be the only one crying

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am perfect enough to be me :)

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month, you are No.4

# 4
You are a very stubborn and hard working. Perhaps you will keep others from you because of your words. You are a thoughtful to other people's problems. You are talented in the research and the arts. You will assist family members or friends who are having problems without thinking. You have to be careful with the people around you because they probably will exploit you. Your friends will spend your time and money and then away from you when you  do not have value to them again. However, you will be patient and firm. Your ideal match is No.1, 8.

the sentence that i crossed is what i think is wrong and the underline one is what i think I am. well, as I am the one who 'think' :D

stubborn and hard working - yeahh, I am a little bit stubborn. But in case if we are in an argue, I can be rational  but you must give me facts. I dont tolerate with only words. About hardworking? nahhhh. just not so me. I'm a lazy girl which loves to sleep and eat :)

keep others from you because of your words - so true. There's so many girl friends out there that cant accept the way I talk especially the girls from my nursing college. They are just like really innocent, pengasih dan penyayang, well you know they are nurses indeed. Unlike me, harsh words coming out like popcorns and people that dont know me well misunderstood me a lot. I dont mean it sometimes but my words are way too faster than my brains. Until now I really dont have the idea why I become a nurse  =.=" *sigh sigh

talented in the research and the arts -  Research maybe not but art maybe yes. And it is not like I am really talented in it but I do have interest and passion in doing it. I dont mind doing art for hours, and doing it all over again until I satisfied. Let me tell you a secret, I love doing stuff like folding stars and keep it in a bottle. Wishing to give a total of 143 of it to someone, someday. hahaha *shy shy

assist family members or friends who are having problems without thinking - errkk. it is not that I dont help people, but I do getting more troubles than my family members and friends. Sorry guys !

 people around you because they probably will exploit you. Your friends will spend your time and money and then away from you when you  do not have value to them again - Try to exploit and use me then, we'll see :)

patient and firm - In whatever conditions, even if I am crying hardly, painfully. In front of people, I will acted like I dont care and the thing dont affect me at all. Acted cool and annoying. Faking a smile, that's my best acting :), even if it's dying inside.

huarghhh. ngabe mung ni mek lin. it's 4.30 in the morning. Morning love!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

shine at night

i dreamt about you last night
weirdly, i remember every single thing about the dream
the dream shows that you have a girlfriend now
and i have been chasing you even you have somebody else

bile bangun je dari mimpi tu. i was like, wehh gile muke tak malu aku gi kejar pakwe orang. 
ish ish ish. mintak jauh.