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Monday, March 15, 2010


aku duduk sendirian di kamarku
menangis kesepian keranamu
kau tinggalkan aku
kau cari yang lain
tergamakmu merobek hatiku

tapi setelah kau pergi
aku mendapat lebih baik darimu
dia hargai aku
dia sayangi aku
lebih dari padamu

aku ingin kau tahu
betapa ku gembira
tidak lagi bersamamu
namun pastinya
nanti kau akan sedari
yang kau perlu cintaku

ENOUGH is ENOUGH.haha.i dont really know what im talking about but i do really think it is enough for now.enough remembering him.but to forget?stop waiting for him?i dont know but i will try oke?and enough flirting too.sorry guys.i just cant accept anybody at this time.not at this moment.but in the future?i dont know.but lately i love to read ILUVISLAM and yeah i think its a gift for me from God that i had nothing to do with this couple thing..yeah2 i know im not a good girl but at least im a  step away from maksiat..praying that my love after this just for my husband..only him!and for now..let concentrate to study..lets give our love to our friends,parents and of cause ALLAH swt..♥ ♥ ♥


munira said...

u go girl!!

shepette said...

thanx girl =)
rase release yg amat skang ni..

mc'g said...

chill leng!! laki can't trust too much...
hahhaha...neway.ak sgt ske lgu itu.ngeh3.

shepette said...

same la gee..1st time dgr lagu ni kat profile blog pc'e..ak terus jatuh aty..best2!