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Friday, April 9, 2010

superleng's mission | 4

take a deep breath laleng,inn and outt.HUH.okay thats not a release at head is in spinning gasing mode.hey.why me?its not that i am blaming GOD,wallahualam~i know its already fated but cant the problems come one at a time please.why it always bombarded me like this?a question to answer.*sape nak jawab angkat kuku,gilo,haha*okay,lets see............

EXAMS.i answered my questions like kindergarden kiddos.umie n abah,i am truly sorry.and dear friends,please do not be suprised if im taking my diploma after this.pasum is tough.what the hell im thinking when i have the guts to come not the one who got straight A's.i just know im not gonna make,im only finishing this please,really need it.

YOU.yes you.i dont know if youre gonna read this or not.but questions keep playing.why?why?why?youre so mean oke!but,again im accepting this.there must be a reason why you suddenly appear,and you also suddenly go.i thanked you.peace no war,right terrorist.haha(fake laugh).

JOB.well.i want a job.anyone?im not taking driving lisence this holiday.and
of course i want a job,job,job.

guys, xde motif lansong.kepalaku pening dikala dinihari.cewwah. haha..superleng sudah gila.superleng sudah x bleh nk slamatkan manusia. manusia ooh manusia,xde ke sorang nk selamatkan aku??

p/s : hiraukan aku.sepet sudah sewel.


deekkyy said...

hallo...kunjungi blog ku ya
salam kenal

azuha rahimi said...

ak jajah blog mg.........;p