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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just a smile and the rain is gone :)

salam 12345MALAYSIA.

wahh.its been for a while since i didnt update this one-medium-untuk-buka-pekung-didada.i miss you badly. bad badly. i mean it okay ! new environment, new friends. ohh such a sucker la sepet. i got problems, i shared with my new friends but they just buat donno. i miss my farah and billa. whenever i got problem, even it is just a tiny one, they will listen and respond. how i miss you guys :( both of you just never be replaced.

okay.main topic puhlease.a review about the latest korean drama i watched. this story make me touched and bring back all the memories.

ya, betul. jodoh di tangan Tuhan. but i do believe, it needs a miracle for two persons loving each other.cerita ni buat aku rase nak ada buayafriend ! ahh gatai la hang. baca microb lagi bagus.

off :)


KOroX(~_^) said...

tolonn la mc lin...
sukeee giloo citoo nieyhh weii
besttt la

shepette said...

meme suko gilo gilo gilo !
hanset dio lawa.
nak sebutey !!

sHazIela yUsSOF. said...

gapo tjuk cito nie leng??